WING FOIL DUOTONE 2020 et 2021 AVEC LES UNIT & ECHO , DUOTONE BOOM, etc... Tout pour la glisse chez H2O Kitesurf & Snowkite.

DUOTONE WING FOIL propose deux concepts d'ailes afin de convenir à chaque utilisateur et les pratiques variées selon sa préférence. Le matériel est à la pointe de l'évolution de ce nouveau sport pour un max de plaisir et poids minimum. La collection de WING FOIL DUOTONE est une référence dans cette nouvelle dicipline. Elle utilise le savoir faire de la voilerie, ce avec les meilleurs matériaux et un assemblage parfait et durable. Ceci a déjà fait ses preuves en KITESURF et en WINDSURF depuis des années: Les nouveaux modèles de WING FOIL de DUOTONE sont les dernières versions UNIT 2020 - et bientôt UNIT 2021 / L'alternative avec Wishi est le modèle wing foil ECHO 2020, qui se vera remplacer prochainement par une version ECHO 2021 utilisant un Foil BOOM.Similaire à un Wish de planche à voile c'est selon les goûts des utilisateurs. Ces deux modèles vous offriront une maîtrise parfaite dans vos sessions.

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DUOTONE ECHO 2020 - WING FOIL ECHO (Without Boom.) Kite only / dès 619.- CHF

A wing for powered riding in all conditions, perfect for freeriding, waves, light wind and freestyle! The perfect wing for even the very first days on the water.

From first time trying to Pro Entry level riders or Pros, the Echo has a lot to offer and is not limiting on any level or any style.

Made for powered and fast riding
Designed for powered and fast riding, the Echo is a high performance foil wing!

High performance in waves, light wind and freestyle
High performance, yet very versatile in disciplines, the Echo feels at home in waves, light wind and Freestyle.

Boom for precise handling (two sizes)
Two sizes of booms ensure the perfect setup and the most rigig connection to the foil wing possible, therfore the handling is simply amazing.

Draft Control Rope for easy handling and performance
The Draft Control Rope is an unique Duotone feature which makes the handling easy and ensures 100% performance, the experienced foil winger can even pull it to depower the wing.

Packs down small
The whole setup is easy and fast to rig and packs down small, which makes it the perfect travel companion.

Boom (cm)
115-175 & 141-201
115-175 & 141-201
Weight without boom

The Duotone Echo is the evolution of our first foil wing, which took the market by storm last year.

Outselling many other brands, the dynamic concept featured a boom, window and battens offering a superior experience.

For 2020 our design team have worked hard to enhance your feelings on the water and above it!

A huge advantage of the Echo compared to softer wings, is its super stiff profile, achieved by the boom, battens and the new draft control rope.

This unique invention causes a stabilization of the profile, by taking advantage of the ridge boom structure and results in a consistent load distribution and a continuous performance.

Especially in lightwind, the stiff profile, the battens and the draft control rope, make it easy to actively get going, even in the slightest breeze.

All sizes have incredible low end, especially size 6 and 7 get you going in the slightest breeze.

The leading edge has been stiffened to create a more rigid framework; this improves the wings jumping abilities, but also offers more control at speed and in powered conditions.

Canopy tension has been increased, and the trailing edge/leech tension has been tuned as well.

These improvements help airflow and reduce drag, giving the wing a better wind range and making it more stable when riding waves.

The new boom utilises an oval grip, making it more comfortable in the hands, hand positioning happens naturally and intuitive, keeping you in control at all time.

The leading edge bladder has been reinforced to make it even more durable, and finally, there are now six sizes in the range!

If you want the highest performing, most technologically advanced wing on the market, grab the Echo, nothing else comes close.

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DUOTONE BOOM 2020 / "115-175cm Turquoise."139.- CHF / "141-201cm Turquoise." / "141-201cm Black."

Two sizes of boom ensure the perfect setup and the most rigig connection to the foil wing possible, therefore the handling is simply amazing.

The integrated BOOM stabilizes the profile and is compatible with every wing size due to length adjustment.

It gives the Foil Wing best ease of use with unlimited hand placements and highest level of performance.

For takeoff power and efficient pumping of the wing, the rider has a stiff and strong connection to the wing.

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A lightweight and simple wing that packs down small, making it perfect for riders who travel and value a straightforward, very stable setup with incredible drifting abilities!

Lightweight and simple
One of the lightest wings on the market, easy to rig and pack, easy to use.

Steady drift when depowered
When the power of the wing is not needed, it’s easy to just flag out the wing and just surf the wave.

Easy and stable in gusty conditions
Even in gusty conditions the Unit is loads of fun as it just absorbs the peaks and is simply so stable.

Ergonomically shaped strut for better handling
The ergonomically shaped strut is the reason for effortless and very natural handling of the whole wing in any situation.

EVA covered handles for maximum grip and comfort
Best grip and comfort is the key to performance and the most fun on the water, that’s why the handles are covered with smooth and durable EVA.

Stiff leading edge with both firm cloth and optimal diameter
A key to performance is a rigid setup, therfore the stiff leading edge with both firm cloth and optimal diameter is the magic combo.

Weight without boom

The Unit is a wing that is perfect for waves, downwind and freeride. The team worked hard to create a shape that is incredibly stable when totally depowered, as when you’re using a wave’s energy and the wing is just flagging behind.

One key element is maximum performance and smooth handling, even in strong and gusty conditions. When depowered, the lightweight construction guarantees a smooth drift, making surfing swell or waves so incredibly easy and comfortable.

During floating before take-off, the Unit delivers plenty of power to get you up on the foil fast.

The amazing maneuverability makes jibes, freestyle and cruising in waves absolutely effortless.

An ergonomically shaped strut improves the overall handling and the EVA covered handles offer the best grip and comfort you could possibly wish for.

The stiff leading edge, with both a firm Dacron material and an optimized diameter, is the best solution for optimum performance.

Due to the clean, tight canopy with great trailing edge/leech tension, the Unit is a really solid construction with lots of power and stability, the big window ensures great vision and safety.

Size 3.3 and 4 are equipped with 3 handles, holding the middle handle, the wing can be flown with only one hand which makes it amazing to fly in especially waves and downwinders.

Size 5 and 6 are equipped with 4 handles, the 2nd handle counted from the front is balanced in a way it can be flown with one hand too.

The two back handles are designed for the back hand.
The whole setup is designed for super easy rigging: just inflate and go, that’s it.

It also packs down small and is perfect for taking on adventures. Don’t let the simplicity fool you though, the performance will impress.

Whether you are wave riding, cruising downwind, or just starting your wing journey, the Unit has you covered.

Balanced, easy to use, fast to set up and suitable for a wide range of disciplines the Unit is the wing to choose if you want the performance in a small package.

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